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Congress Information Scoring Rules Guide

  • Please note that points will not be given to those who do not attend the academic congress after the pre-registration.
  • Since the 2016 spring academic congress, a bar code attendance system has been introduced and operated to check the exact time of entering and leaving the congress according to recommendations and guidelines of the Korean Medical Association.
  • Points that will be given by time are as follows.
  • Over two hours – below three hours ≫ Three points
    Over three hours – below four hours ≫ Four points
    Over four hours – below five hours ≫ Five points
    Over five hours ≫ Six points
  • According to the revision guidelines on training courses of the Korean Medical Association, training courses can be applied for by date, and points will be given by date as well. The points that will be given by date are as follows.
Date Score
Oct. 20 (Thu.) Six points
Oct. 21 (Fri.) Six points
Oct. 22 (Sat.) Three points

※ Maximum 15 points will be given when attending the whole congress.

※ Please check the points since different points will be given by date.

@ Bar Code Attendance System Use Guide

  • Please check your attendance for sure through the bar code reader if any members need to complete the points.
  • First bar code scanning is entering time, and last bar code scanning is leaving time per attendance date.
  • If scanning is overlapped, only the first and the late scanning will be identified.